Sunday, February 9, 2014

Martha Speaks: A School Poster Project for the One Hundredth Day of School

Tomorrow may be the one hundredth day of school, if it doesn’t snow in the wee hours of the morning. It has been pushed back several times because of snow days.  Either way my son’s one hundredth day poster project is ready to go.  We are big Martha Speaks fans at our house.  If you haven’t watched it, its very clever and funny.  It’s about Martha, a dog who eats alphabet soup and the letters lose their way, they travel to her brain and now she can talk – the theme song is great and tells you the whole back story.  You can find it on Youtube, but better yet catch a whole episode on your local PBS station.

My son had to put together a creative grouping of 100 things.  I helped him brainstorm a whole list of possibilities and then he settled on this one.  During the opening of the show a scientist explains how Martha started speaking with a visual aid of an ex-ray showing alphabet noodles traveling straight to her brain.  So I lightly drew an outline of Martha from the show’s logo and cover illustration from the original book by Susan Meddaugh.  Then my son cut it out and traced the head portion to create a flap.  He glued the top and colored in the details and added the ex-ray of her brain under the flap where you can count one hundred alphabet soup noodles.  Happy One Hundredth Day!

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