Sunday, May 13, 2012

That's a Wrap! Creative Gift Wrapping Solutions

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I have always been fond of creative gift wrap.  Even before being green was the trend, I loved it when people wrapped a gift in the comics section of the newspaper.  Now you can buy cloth gift wrap, based on the traditional Japanese furoshiki wrapping cloth, which can be used over and over.  Baby shower gifts are wrapped in baby blankets and in most homes you can find a stash of reusable gift bags and tissue paper.  When considering the gifts I give my kids, who are still little ones who put everything in their mouth, I am skeptical of the shiny colorful papers laden with heavy metal dyes and chemicals.  Plus the gift wrap is ripped through in seconds and since it is unable to be recycled it is destined for plastic garbage bags headed for landfills where they will sit. 
When wrapping a gift for our latest birthday celebration I decided to reach for my new favorite wrapping: white butcher paper.  It can be decorated by my son with stamps or markers and recycled after the festivities are over.  This day I decided to dress it up with a lime green headband and one of my hand felted pink flower pins.  Since I am raising two boys I love having the opportunity to make something pretty and girly!  When the birthday girl opened her gift from us her mom put the flower headband on her and she happily wore it for the remainder of the party.  I love that the decoration on the package was pretty, environmentally friendly and multifunctional.
What’s your favorite creative gift wrapping solution?