Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Signs of Spring Photo Walk

This morning I wanted to snap some pictures of the fruit blossoms at our local orchard.  Since my youngest creative little heart doesn't have school until the afternoon he had to tag along.  To make it more interesting for him I let him use one of our old digital cameras.  I showed him the basic functions along with some simple rules like don’t touch the lens, always keep the strap around your wrist, and don't look through the viewfinder while you are walking.  Then we headed out to the orchard to find signs of spring!

What started out as a way to keep him occupied (and from getting whiny) ended up putting some other skills to good use.  He was able to read the label on the on/off button and count down the number of pictures he had left.  He learned the terms zoom, focus and point of view.  There was a beautiful clear sunny sky today, but the temperature was unseasonable chilly.  Even though our walk was somewhat short we ended up with some nice photos.  

If you have an old camera or cell phone with a camera feature lying around, put it good use by letting your little creative hearts snap some photos with it. They will be so proud of the pictures they take!

Here's what my creative little heart came up with.