Monday, December 9, 2013

Snow Painting

The first snow of the season fell yesterday.  The snow was good for sledding yesterday, but overnight the weather changed and freezing rain coated the fluff transforming the surface into a slippery crust.  My first grader had a school delay and as he pressed his nose to the sliding glass door sighed, “Ice is no fun.”  That is, until I broke out the food coloring!

small containers, a plastic egg carton or a foil lined paper egg carton
food coloring
drinking straw or eye dropper
fresh water for cleaning brushes between colors

Drop food coloring into the small containers and add drops of water to dilute.  Then find a nice patch of icey snow and make your masterpiece! This is a fun project for practicing color mixing too.

Food coloring isn’t washable so I sent my son out in an old coat just in case;)

If the snow cracks as you walk on it, it's the perfect consistency for snow painting,
anything thats too fluffy will simply stick to your brushes.  

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