Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wear Your Heart on Your Fingers: Valentine's Day Finger Puppets

Today I volunteered in my son’s classroom for their Valentine’s Day Party.  I had prepared a quick and easy craft which fit well in the last ten minutes before dismissal.  After they chowed down on party food and distributed all their Valentines we made finger puppets with craft foam.  The craft foam was stiff enough to stand up and soft enough not to give the kids paper cuts.  It would have been a little easier if I had been able to find self adhesive googly eyes and a hole punch that would work on the thick craft foam.  Before the party I traced and pre-cut the large hearts and finger holes.  Then at the party I had paper bowls with each craft item –small and large conversation heart foam stickers, googly eyes, and scraps I cut from the foam sticker scraps after I popped out the heart shapes.  They used the scraps for mouths – at least one student used them for eye brows.  A few permanent markers were passed around to add some last details like nose, mouth, eyelashes etc. 
These finger puppets were a big hit with the kindergarteners and the clean up was easy, we simply stacked the bowls of materials and I tossed them in zip top bags.
Craft foam sheets (precut into hearts with finger holes)
googly eyes
white craft glue
foam valentine stickers
permanent marker
paper bowls (to keep pieces organized)

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