Monday, October 1, 2012

Creating a Bedroom for Creative Little Hearts

This summer we transitioned our two boys into a new room that they share.  I tried to think about how to maximize the space we have and how to incorporate things that the boys love in order to make their space truly their own.  I started by defining how we use the space before moving everything in.  I want each of our bedrooms to be places of rest without the distraction of electronics or flashy toys, so the television and most toys and devices live downstairs in the living room and toy room.  A cozy corner to wind down with some books at the end of the day is a must for their bedroom.  This area can also double as a place for our youngest to have some afternoon quiet time to rest and nap.   Mostly we need a place for sleeping, and storage for clothing and books. 
The first thing we were looking for was a set of sturdy bunk beds that could be set up as two twin beds until our youngest is old enough to climb without falling.  We lucked out and bought a used set from friends down our street!  My husband convinced me to look at some used furniture and we have been able to outfit each of the boys with a dresser of their own.  Both are better built and less expensive than a lot of new dressers on the market. 
For bedding I searched for denim comforters that serve as a neutral anchor that can be changed and updated with other elements in the room and I hope these will be used right through to college!  I sewed some patchwork pillow shams and a throw pillow that ties together their themes of airplanes and tractors.  Hanging over each bed is their name which I decorated with scrapbooking paper using a decoupage technique.  There are lots of tutorials out there on how to make these. 
decoupage wooden letters with scrapbooking paper
click here for to link to a tutorial on how to make this
Under each bed I have some storage space.  Under one bed I store sheet sets and under the other I placed red canvas bins store small quiet time toys.  Above each bed and in the quiet corner I painted murals that are painted on lauan (thin plywood) and attached to the wall.  These are perfect for homes that have textured walls or for families that may move to a new house in the future.  We moved when our oldest was three and by the end of move-in-day his new room looked and felt a lot like his room, helping with the transition. 
mural on thin lauan plywood
click here for my tutorial
We completed the room with room darkening curtains and glow in the dark stars on the ceiling over each bed of course!  In the end we all love how the room came out.  My two-year-old often tells me how much he loves his “nice airplane”.

cozy corner with pillows and a basket of our favorite books of the moment

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