Saturday, January 7, 2012

Time out for Tea & Truffles

“…rest leads to peace, peace leads to clarity, and clarity leads to creativity.” –Kirk Byron Jones
This year, my husband took my son to a local chocolate shop, and picked up a sample of artisanal chocolates for me for Christmas.  They were pretty pricey so when I opened them he suggested that I take my time and be sure to really enjoy them.  “Make a cup of tea and have one truffle after putting the boys to bed.”  Unfortunately just sitting and enjoying a cup of tea is more of a novelty than the norm for most parents.  We live with a never ending to-do list hanging over our heads.  At the end of each long day I put the boys to bed and have just enough energy to finish doing the dishes, check off a few tasks that are nearly impossible to do when the boys are awake and fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow.  We also live in a society where busy-ness is something bragged about and used to prove your worth. 
“It's not easy to rest in a world that sometimes seems to despise it.” - Kirk Byron Jones in a Baccalaureate address that was delivered at the University of Pennsylvania in May 2009.
I just finished reading a book called “In Praise of Slowness” where author Carl Honre explores the ways in which our society’s obsession with speed is affecting every aspect of our lives.  It takes its toll on our ability to be creative too.  When my son was three he would hum songs that he’d made up.  He informed his grandfather that he made up the songs while he slept and then during the day he sang them to see if they were any good.  I see insight into the creative process through how my then three-year-old described how his mind worked.  Our creative process suffers when we are hurried and tired. 
As we enter a new year most of us reflect on our lives and resolve to make changes.  This year I want to continue to be more mindful of making space and time to find rest in my days, in order to be ready to let more creative energy in.  Whether it be a cup of tea and a truffle, or putting aside a half hour to read, taking a bubble bath or lighting a candle and just sitting down to be still.  I wish you a refreshed Happy New Year and a heart filled with creativity!

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